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Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Mon Mar 15 19:59:01 GMT 2004

I just went to the site and I'm possibly having problems but I'm not 
sure.  My monitor is fairly high res, and I tried on both Opera & IE6 with 
the same results.  It doesn't look right as 2 different types of text are 
nearly superimposed--is this what your original gif is supposed to look like?


At 19:03 15/03/2004 +0000, adam beecher wrote:
>A user is having a problem with the site:
>I'm guessing this is because their resolution is 640x480, and the site is
>fixed-width at 700px, to leave loads of room for a (pretty common)
>resolution of 600x800px. I didn't want to go liquid because it didn't suit
>the site when I threw the "design" together; and I didn't go for a smaller
>resolution because, frankly, I didn't think there were very many systems
>still operating at 640x480.
>If this is affecting a lot of people, I'd be happy to change it. Is it?
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