[E-voting] CEV submission -- draft

Ciaran Quinn election at polarbears.com
Mon Mar 15 23:39:06 GMT 2004

Michael McMahon wrote:
> >>The six most common votes were the six different permutations
> >>of an FF 1.2.3 with no other preferences expressed.
> >>These six different votes accounted for 3266 voters or 7% the total.
> >>
> >The importance of this is that the voting machines can identify the FF
> >candidates even though they are only recording votes for candidates 1,
> >2, 3, etc.
> The candidates are always identifiable. There's no problem in that.
> Or do I misundertand your point?

I mean that even if the voting machine is simply recording
button-presses it can still be pre-programmed to increase or decrease
the FF vote.

Going by the demo, the voting machine is not aware of the identity of
the candidates - although obviously it would need to know this for a
VVAT system


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