[E-voting] Re: CEV submission -- non-technical draft

John Lambe icte-jlambe at johnlambe.com
Tue Mar 16 01:05:25 GMT 2004

Some minor suggestions:

Section 2.2:
"It will be used to allocate power,"
I suggest adding the word "politcal" before "power" (before reading the
rest of the sentence, and after reading technical information, you
could almost expect a reference to electrical power).

Section 2.3:
The machine could also record the time at which the vote was cast.
(Even if it does not have a clock set to the current time, it could
record the time elapsed since the first vote).

Section 3.1, first sentence:
I would replace "didn't" with "did not" (it sounds more formal).

Section 3.2, 2nd sentence:
There is a comma missing after "Bruce Schneier".

Section 3.5, last sentence:
We could add that reviewing the machine code (executable) is
impractical since it would be very expensive and prone to error and
corruption on the part of the reviewer.

Section 3.6:
"the inspection that preceded the sealing."
Shouldn't that be the inspection that preceded opening of the seal?

I'll send some suggestions on the content tomorrow.

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