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Tue Mar 16 11:41:51 GMT 2004

Have pity on poor Martin. He has been left to run the country while all the others are 
off on a junket.

No, seriously, he is running the country until Friday!


On Tue, 16 Mar 2004 11:29:52 +0000, Margaret McGaley wrote
> Minister Cullen has sent (through his private secretary) a refusal to meet
> with me. I'm working on a press release for it, but I have to go AFK for an
> hour.
> Here's the first draft. As always, comments please:
> ***
> Minister Cullen has refused to meet with representatives of Irish Citizens for
> Trustworthy Evoting (ICTE), citing a heavy schedule. This comes in the wake of
> a recent poll which showed the majority of Irish voters want the introduction
> of electronic voting postponed until the system is modified to include a paper
> trail.
> "I'm disappointed that the Minister has refused to meet with me. He's a busy
> man, but this is such an important issue. It would be very serious indeed if
> such a fundamental change to our electoral system was brought in against the
> will of the people", said Margaret McGaley, spokesperson for ICTE.
> In December of 2003, Mr Niall Callan, the Secretary General of the Department
> of the Environment, committed to "continue dialogue" with those interested in
> gaining a assurances about the system. In fact, no such dialogue has been
> entered into. 
> ICTE are currently preparing a submission for the Commission on Electronic
> Voting.
> ***
> Margaret
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