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Mark Dennehy Mark.Dennehy at cs.tcd.ie
Tue Mar 16 13:31:40 GMT 2004

Ref:[John Lambe, Tue, 16/03/04 @ 05:16 -0800]
> Should we also point out the fact that transparency is not explicitly
> in the Commission's terms of reference despite the fact that this is
> the main objection to the system?

That'd seem unrelated to the topic of the release. 
Which isn't to say that it shouldn't be addressed, but it
should be done in a seperate release. 

> (Isn't this a deliberate attempt to mislead the public - to give the
> appearance of addressing the issue?)

Do bears defecate in forested areas?

> Should we mention the false statements he made about ICTE?
> I think that people are likely to believe these if they think that we
> have not denied them?
> The minister is getting away with a lot of dishonesty.

Again, should be addressed, but in a seperate release.
And you'd want to consider the tone of that release
carefully, since just coming out and saying "he's lying"
would be too easy to discredit. Which says more about the bad
side of the people than the bad side of Cullen.

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