[E-voting] Irish situation get european attention.

David GLAUDE dglaude at gmx.net
Tue Mar 16 17:44:50 GMT 2004

I was contacted by a Belgian Flemish Journalist that write for METR0 (a 
free news paper that you get in the train station and underground station).

He contacted me because of an european news agency that was talking 
about your "commission" to analyse eVoting. He wanted to know about the 
situation in Belgium (to speak about both and make some link to Belgian 

I gave him as much as I can about Belgium, Ireland, and US kind of 

I hope to find a paper version and maybe even an on-line version tomorow 
and forward it to you as soon as I can... but it will be in Flemish 
(=Dutch the Belgian way). I myself even have difficulties to read it, so 
translating it in English for your consumtion will be difficult.

Please let me remind that since you (the introduction of eVoting) are 
getting international attention, it would be wise to try to get 
international attention to your side of the story. Ireland is under 
European spot light because of the EU presidency.

I repeat here the opportunity to use the FFII, EDRI, anti-EUCD, 
anti-SwPatent, anti-BigBrother, pro-FreeSoftware, pro-CreativeCommons 
channel to spread a news (either a summary or your next press-release) 
inside existing european network of lobbyist and journalist. To make it 
beneficial to all, I guess we should have a common press-release that 
contain as many european country as possible: Belgium, UK, Ireland, ...

The format would be one page (when printed), ASCII on 72 column.


Don't let computer expert control election...
Endorse: http://www.free-project.org/resolution/
For Belgium: http://www.poureva.be/

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