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17th March -- 
The Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Martin Cullen
TD, has refused to meet with representatives of Irish Citizens for Trustworthy
Evoting (ICTE), citing a heavy schedule. This comes in the wake of a recent
Sunday Business Post/Red C poll which showed the majority of Irish voters want
the introduction of electronic voting postponed until the system is modified
to include a paper trail.

"I'm disappointed that the Minister has refused to meet with us. We realise
that the Minister's schedule is very full, but this issue is of critical
importance to Irish democracy and it should be at the top of the Minister's
list of priorities. It would be very serious indeed if such a fundamental
change to our electoral system was introduced against the will of the people",
said Margaret McGaley, spokesperson for ICTE.

In December of 2003 [1], Mr Niall Callan, the Secretary General of the
Department of the Environment, committed to "continue dialogue" with those
interested in gaining assurances about the system. In fact, no such dialogue
has been entered into despite continued efforts by ICTE and others to initiate
one. "Mr Joe McCarthy, who submitted a list of detailed questions to the
department, was told that they were willing to engage with him on this topic.
His repeated attempts to engage with the department have so far been
unsuccessful" said Ms McGaley. 

ICTE is currently preparing a submission for the Commission on Electronic


[notes to editors]

Irish Citizens for Trustworthy E-voting is an independent group of over
one hundred concerned Citizens, IT & Security Practitioners, and Legal
Professionals calling for the introduction of a Voter Verified Audit
Trail with any E-voting system used in Ireland.

ICTE Website:

Archive of ICTE Press Releases:

contact (available for interview): Colm MacCárthaigh
email: colm at stdlib.net
phone: 087 657 8226

contact (available for interview): Margaret McGaley
email: mmcgaley at cs.may.ie
phone: 087 755 4023

Joe McCarthy, who submitted a detailed set of questions to the Department of
the Environment, received a response on Tuesday the 2nd of March. He has asked
ICTE to make his response available through our website. It is available in
Word Document format:
and in PDF format:

[1] Public session meeting of the Joint Committee on the Environment and Local
Government, Thursday, 18 December 2003.

Margaret McGaley
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