[E-voting] Irish situation get european attention.

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Wed Mar 17 00:09:51 GMT 2004

Good point.  And I see no reason why our press releases can't go to some 
relevant european interested parties--including other 
journalists.    David, any chance you could provide us with a few relevant 
email addresses for some of the international press agencies (e.g., 
Reuters, UP, API), plus addresses for a few other sympathetic IT 
organizations, and a few sympathetic IT journalists on the continent who 
might be interested in this story?   Sending our press releases to a wider 
audience won't cost us anything, and generating more awareness--especially 
here in Europe--could also put more pressure on the Irish government, as 
well as helping other countries fall into the same hole.


At 19:31 16/03/2004 +0100, you wrote:
>All of those association fight somehow on a responsible and carefull 
>Information Technology policy. They care about "Human right" in 
>Cyberspace. Any abuse of the technology (Big Brother, Biometrics, RFID, 
>DRM, ...) or abuse of the law (EUCD, expension of the patent system in the 
>software field, copyright holder super power, ...) to restrict freedom of 
>speach, freedom of writing code, ... is important to them.
>When IT peaple do politics, and talk about the things they know, they care 
>about, they soon or later get to thing about all of those issue, including 
>electronic voting.
>We have networks in place, contact at many levels on many topics that make 
>all of those connected. They don't have all the time to fight every fight, 
>but they can be ready to sign a common position, spread the news, ...
>It as been done not long ago for the IP right enforcement directive (we 
>lost), it was done before for software patent (we won the first battle in 
>European Parliament) and before on SPAM (with a successfull directive that 
>say "Opt-In") and on EUCD (we lost but are still fighting on the 
>implementation of that directive in member state law).
>The eVoting issue is not at the European level yet. However the Commission 
>is and has been founding many "e-" things, including eVoting studdy and 
>trial. Now they care about eDemocracy and eParticipation because of a 
>Council decision.
>Even in the European Parliament is not involved in the voting rules, they 
>can control how Member of the European Parliament are elected (like it 
>must be with a proportionnal system [I think STV is considered as a 
>proportionnal system]) by way of Directive. So they could be able to 
>specify that European Election must be VVAT or something like that. This 
>require intensive lobbying, fighting against country that have a veto in 
>the Council and are already using eVoting... But it is possible (not this 
>year but in 5 years).
>Now is not the time for you Irish to fight at that level, since you are in 
>the middle of a battle... but after the European Election, I hope some of 
>you will continue and maybe try raise this issue at an other layer.
>Rory McCann wrote:
>>On Tue, 16 Mar 2004, Colm MacCarthaigh wrote:
>>>On Tue, Mar 16, 2004 at 06:44:50PM +0100, David GLAUDE wrote:
>>>>I repeat here the opportunity to use the FFII, EDRI, anti-EUCD,
>>>>anti-SwPatent, anti-BigBrother, pro-FreeSoftware, pro-CreativeCommons
>>>>channel to spread a news (either a summary or your next press-release)
>>>But what does E-voting have to do with any of those things? :)
>>>Colm MacC?rthaigh                        Public Key: colm+pgp at stdlib.net
>>The fact that private companies are going to have more control on the
>>electorial system? The fact that the government is hoping to use a flawed
>>computer system? The fact that closed propetary code is being used for the
>>most basic part of our democracy?
>>Rory McCann
>Don't let computer expert control election...
>Endorse: http://www.free-project.org/resolution/
>For Belgium: http://www.poureva.be/
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