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>This would be an excellent press release to sent to other european 
>journalists & news agencies.
>And/or revise it slightly by adding a sentence or two to emphasize the 
>increasing controversy over e-voting systems, as elections around the 
>world encounter problems of various kinds, leading to increasing calls for 
>the inclusion of voter verified paper trails.  Maybe a catchy title such 
>as E-voting Under Siege, Irish Government Goes Into Hiding :)
>At 00:05 17/03/2004 +0000, Margaret McGaley wrote:
>>17th March --
>>The Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Martin 
>>TD, has refused to meet with representatives of Irish Citizens for 
>>Evoting (ICTE), citing a heavy schedule. This comes in the wake of a recent
>>Sunday Business Post/Red C poll which showed the majority of Irish voters 
>>the introduction of electronic voting postponed until the system is modified
>>to include a paper trail.
>>"I'm disappointed that the Minister has refused to meet with us. We realise
>>that the Minister's schedule is very full, but this issue is of critical
>>importance to Irish democracy and it should be at the top of the Minister's
>>list of priorities. It would be very serious indeed if such a fundamental
>>change to our electoral system was introduced against the will of the 
>>said Margaret McGaley, spokesperson for ICTE.
>>In December of 2003 [1], Mr Niall Callan, the Secretary General of the
>>Department of the Environment, committed to "continue dialogue" with those
>>interested in gaining assurances about the system. In fact, no such dialogue
>>has been entered into despite continued efforts by ICTE and others to 
>>one. "Mr Joe McCarthy, who submitted a list of detailed questions to the
>>department, was told that they were willing to engage with him on this topic.
>>His repeated attempts to engage with the department have so far been
>>unsuccessful" said Ms McGaley.
>>ICTE is currently preparing a submission for the Commission on Electronic
>>[notes to editors]
>>Irish Citizens for Trustworthy E-voting is an independent group of over
>>one hundred concerned Citizens, IT & Security Practitioners, and Legal
>>Professionals calling for the introduction of a Voter Verified Audit
>>Trail with any E-voting system used in Ireland.
>>ICTE Website:
>>     http://evoting.cs.may.ie/
>>Archive of ICTE Press Releases:
>>     http://lists.stdlib.net/pipermail/e-voting_press/
>>contact (available for interview): Colm MacCárthaigh
>>email: colm at stdlib.net
>>phone: 087 657 8226
>>contact (available for interview): Margaret McGaley
>>email: mmcgaley at cs.may.ie
>>phone: 087 755 4023
>>Joe McCarthy, who submitted a detailed set of questions to the Department of
>>the Environment, received a response on Tuesday the 2nd of March. He has 
>>ICTE to make his response available through our website. It is available in
>>Word Document format:
>>and in PDF format:
>>[1] Public session meeting of the Joint Committee on the Environment and 
>>Government, Thursday, 18 December 2003.
>>Margaret McGaley
>>Margaret.McGaley at redbrick.dcu.ie
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