[E-voting] Re: Submission - minor corrections and suggestions

John Lambe icte-jlambe at johnlambe.com
Wed Mar 17 14:05:39 GMT 2004

Section 1:
"It would not be good enough to say that the yardstick had been
with due care, to measure it one inch at a time and submit that it must
be a yard long."
This analogy would be more accurate if you were to measure most of the
stick an inch at a time, and just assume one part of it - which you did
not measure - was an inch.

Section 2 (Page 3):
"By “voter verification” we mean the process by which each voter
personally ensures (whether by act or omission) that the vote recorded
on his/her behalf is identical to the vote actually cast."
This implies that the ensuring is done by act or omission.
Should it mean:
"... ensures that the vote recorded on his/her behalf is not different
(whether due to an act or omission) to the vote actually cast."
(or "... ensures that there is no discrepancy between the vote recorded
on his/her behalf and the vote actually cast (whether caused by an act
or omission).")
I agree that the positive form might be more readable.

Section 2.1:
"..by the knowledge that in the event of a close count recounts would
be ordered,"
There should be a comma after "count".

"The correct recording of ones vote":
"ones" should be "one's" in a few places (you could do a search and
replace but check each occurrance).

"With the introduction of Electronic Voting"
might sound like opposition to all forms of electronic voting. I know
that we make it clear that we are in favour of electronic voting
elsewhere in the submission, 
I suggest something like "With the proposed electronic system", "With
the introduction of our electronic voting system" or ."With the
introduction of electronic voting without a VVAT". (I prefer the last
"Electronic Voting", in this context, should not be capitalised.

"... impossible to discern between two compact discs looking only at
the reflective side"
I'd insert "by" before "looking".

Section 2.2:

"For instance, the present Australian (paper) ballot system
incorporates a voter verified audit trail..."
Why not point out that *our* paper system does?

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