[E-voting] Is there any Irish Green position?

David GLAUDE dglaude at gmx.net
Wed Mar 17 21:22:31 GMT 2004

If I have been folowing carefully, there are a few member of this list 
that are from the Green Irish party.

I am looking for any URL/quotable_information about the position of that 
party against (if that's the case) the current proposed system.

I already have the Labour position, any other party position and 
official statement would be interesting (but less important for me).

One of the thing we secured in our Belgian fight, is the possition of 
many political party. If there is something like a "political program" 
concept in Irish Party, then your topic should be put in there.

In Belgium we vote also for the "program" of a party, that program is 
what they would like to accomplish. If a party does not to what the said 
they would, it is a lot easyer to come back to them and complain about it.


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