[E-voting] Is there any Irish Green position?

Ryan Meade ryan at meade.net
Wed Mar 17 22:09:03 GMT 2004

The following motion was agreed at our National Council in December of last

"That the Green Party will not support the introduction of electronic voting
until a proper physical record of each vote is incorporated into the
process. This physical record must be verifiable by the voter."

National Council is the policy-making body of the Green Party, so
essentially the above is our official policy on the issue.


On 17/03/2004 21:22, "David GLAUDE" <dglaude at gmx.net> wrote:

> If I have been folowing carefully, there are a few member of this list
> that are from the Green Irish party.
> I am looking for any URL/quotable_information about the position of that
> party against (if that's the case) the current proposed system.
> I already have the Labour position, any other party position and
> official statement would be interesting (but less important for me).
> One of the thing we secured in our Belgian fight, is the possition of
> many political party. If there is something like a "political program"
> concept in Irish Party, then your topic should be put in there.
> In Belgium we vote also for the "program" of a party, that program is
> what they would like to accomplish. If a party does not to what the said
> they would, it is a lot easyer to come back to them and complain about it.
> David GLAUDE

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