[E-voting] CEV submission

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Thu Mar 18 09:28:01 GMT 2004

Section 1.1 "Protecting Democracy" should also include mention of 
inadvertent hardware/software failures (not focus exclusively on 
tampering).  A sentence stating that such inadvertent errors have already 
occurred both in Ireland and abroad could also be considered here.

[It's important to make it clear _from the very beginning_ that our case 
for VVAT is not based only on the potential for malicious tampering.  This 
is mentioned in 2.1 but it should be mentioned explicitly in 1.1 as 
well.  Otherwise this paragraph on could be lifted and quoted, and give the 
impression this is the exclusive reason for our concern hence we are all 
conspiracy-theory wackos.  "Protecting Democracy" is not just about 
protecting from malicious tampering, it's about ensuring that every voter's 
ballot is registered & counted accurately.]


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