[E-voting] Irish Times - Thursday 18/3/2004

John Bernard Lambe icte-jlambe at johnlambe.com
Thu Mar 18 15:19:59 GMT 2004

There's one letter, opposing the proposed system:

'Madam, - It is a matter of concern that the Government is about to
effect a change in the voting method, which precludes the possibility
of votes being openly recounted or audited.

The Taoiseach said on RTÉ Radio 1 on Sunday, March 7th, that he is
"amused by the debate" and that these are only "counting machines".

The counting of votes is fundamental in a democracy. This often
requires recounts and auditing. It is elementary that it should be
possible, to openly count and to recheck as often as necessary to
ensure the choices of the electorate are respected.

It beggars belief that the sophisticated Irish electorate is being told
that the counting of votes in future will be at the sole discretion of
"counting machines" which leave no track or trace. This is the issue:
not that they are electronic, but that they leave no visible trace.

It is not amusing. It is vitally important that Irish electors are
sufficiently respected to have their votes treated in a democratic
manner, which means that when necessary, as heretofore, when there is a
close, they can be visibly rechecked and audited. - Yours, etc.,

VERONICA CURRAN, Allendale Avenue, Bishopstown, Cork.'

(There was nothing on it for the last few days).

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