[E-voting] Submission locations

David O'Callaghan david.ocallaghan at cs.tcd.ie
Thu Mar 18 15:29:15 GMT 2004

On Thu, 2004-03-18 at 12:54, Colm MacCarthaigh wrote:
> For the next two days, while I'm working on it, the submission draft
> will live at:
> 	http://www.stdlib.net/~colmmacc/CEV/
> For the LaTeX users, I've added a Makefile, and if anyone wants to
> read it more easily online I've started creating HTML copies at:
> 	http://www.stdlib.net/~colmmacc/CEV/icte-cev/
> But it's just the default output of Latex2html, nothing fancy. 

In "Risk to Secrecy from Design Error" (node19.html) it says:

        If should be kept in mind that in a voting system utilising
        PRSTV it is not hard to construe ones vote such that it be
        extremely likely to be unique and hence readily identifiable.
        Thus it is entirely feasible for determined persons to be sure
        which vote was cast first, third and so on merely by ensuring
        they are the first, third person to vote and so on.

Is this correct use of "construe"? The last phrase, as written, means
"it's feasible to know which vote was cast third by being third to vote"
This is true, but from the information above we could make the stronger
statement that "it's feasible to know which vote was cast second by
being first and third".


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