[E-voting] Abstention - an accuracy issue?

Mark Dennehy Mark.Dennehy at cs.tcd.ie
Fri Mar 19 10:16:59 GMT 2004

Ref:[Ciaran Quinn, Fri, 19/03/04 @ 00:28 +0000]
> People who want to abstain but don't want to reveal their abstention are
> in effect being forced to vote.

I realise that the ICTE are campaigning only for a VVAT and
that this may therefore be the wrong forum to bring up other
points which I would feel to be vital (such as the source
code being in the public domain, as in eVACS), but this issue
of abstaintion is one I'd rather have my .02 euro on the
record over:

I don't believe that *anyone* really wants the right to

By which I mean that I believe that what most of those who
want an option to vote without supporting the existing
candidates are looking for is not the right to abstain, but
the right to vote "none of the above", and that that should
be an available and binding option on the ballot.

However, it would not be a complete set of choices for
voters if the abstaintion choice was not on the ballot - I
just don't think you'll ever get too many people who have
sufficient free time that they would go to a polling station
to register that they do not wish to be consulted on who
represents them in government.

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