[E-voting] Abstention - an accuracy issue?

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While on the subject of abstention....

If you want to abstain then don't bother going to the polling station.

<begin short rant>
We live in a participative democracy and its your responsibility you participate. You have no right to spoil your vote. Grow up, get over yourself, either fix the system or stop complaining about it. There is plenty of choice in the political system. And if yoiu still can't find someone to vote for, run yourself. The election of single issue candidates illustrates both the strengths and weaknesses of Irish democracy. 
At the very least vote of the least offensive candidate as a way of preventing the election of the most offensive candidate. 

I have so little time for the "None of the Above" brigade. It distracts from the real issue here, the openness and accurracy of the electoral process, the cornerstone of our democracy. And this is a democracy. Ours. People once considered it worth their while to die for the right to an Irish State. And now between 30 and 50% of people won't vote at various elections.  

I think people should be forced to vote. And if you don't or won't particpate you lose the option to vote. You have the right to vote, you have the responsibilty to exercise that right and delibrately screwing that up is the juvenile act of thoughtless people.
<end short rant>



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>>> People who want to abstain but don't want to reveal their 
>>abstention are
>>> in effect being forced to vote.
>>I realise that the ICTE are campaigning only for a VVAT and
>>that this may therefore be the wrong forum to bring up other
>>points which I would feel to be vital (such as the source
>>code being in the public domain, as in eVACS), but this issue
>>of abstaintion is one I'd rather have my .02 euro on the
>>record over:
>>I don't believe that *anyone* really wants the right to
>>By which I mean that I believe that what most of those who
>>want an option to vote without supporting the existing
>>candidates are looking for is not the right to abstain, but
>>the right to vote "none of the above", and that that should
>>be an available and binding option on the ballot.
>>However, it would not be a complete set of choices for
>>voters if the abstaintion choice was not on the ballot - I
>>just don't think you'll ever get too many people who have
>>sufficient free time that they would go to a polling station
>>to register that they do not wish to be consulted on who
>>represents them in government.
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