[E-voting] Abstention - an accuracy issue?

Karen Devine kadevine at tcd.ie
Fri Mar 19 12:44:26 GMT 2004

The issue of abstention and the issue of ´none of the above´ can be debated on
the new discussion list (part of the ´none of the above´ campaign, not ICTE)
by signing up here


I am writing a submission to the CEV outlining the need for an abstention
option and a ´none of the above´ option on the electronic ballot.  I´ll post
the draft for comments and criticism on the list when I return to Ireland on

All debate, opinions and comments welcome.

Best wishes,

>===== Original Message From Mark Dennehy <Mark.Dennehy at cs.tcd.ie> =====
>Is the issue of abstention/NOTA votes a topic we wish to
>debate on this list? Or does this fall outside the intended
>purview of the ICTE?
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Karen Devine,
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