[E-voting] Abstention - an accuracy issue?

Aidan Delaney adelaney at cs.may.ie
Fri Mar 19 13:38:41 GMT 2004

Hey all,
> Is the issue of abstention/NOTA votes a topic we wish to
> debate on this list? Or does this fall outside the intended
> purview of the ICTE?
As far as I see it:

ICTE is a grouping of people who believe the introduction of the
proposed eVoting system is irresponsible.  Our case against the
NEDAP/Powervote system is based on research and science, but hold the
fundamental axiom that voting (note: not just eVoting) without a VVAT is

I can back up the case for VVAT with evidence that led me to hold the
opinion that eVoting without VVAT is untrustworthy.  The DoELG is of the
opinion that eVoting without VVAT is trustworthy, their reasons remain
their own.

Other statements that we make about pertinent matters such as
* randomising algorithms
* the accuracy of the implementation of the PR-STV algorithm in the
Powervote count software
* etc....
can be counted as fact, as we back up our statements with evidence which
has yet to be refuted.

The issue of voter abstention (a.k.a. "None of the above" option) is
similar to our axiom on VVAT.  It is a personal opinion based on
evidence.  Two people can read the same evidence and derive different

Many people believe the voter abstention issue to be important but I
believe that it is _outside_ the intended purview of ICTE.  We make a
much stronger case with our single axiom than with two.
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