[E-voting] Source Code

Aengus Lawlor aengusl at eircom.net
Fri Mar 19 15:57:35 GMT 2004

"Éibhear" <evoting at gibiris.org> wrote:

> ... Some examples:
> + The DoLGH can directly hire a small team of
> software engineers to build the software
> packages.
> + The department can hire a consultancy which is
> independant of the software developers to do
> the same.
> + Mechanisms for verifying the software can be
> completely independant of the software
> and its build processes.
> One scenario would be:
> - Department acquires source from main project
> web site.
> - Engineers in the employ of the department
> use whatever cryptographic means offered by
> the project to ensure the code arrives onto
> the department's systems in the same condition
> as when it left the project's server.
> - Department hires two consultancies to perform
> code walk-throughs, to be independant of
> each other.
> - Department hires staff to build the software.
> - Department develops a process which uses
> public key cryptography for signing
> and verifying the built software packages.
> - At installation time, an appointed officer
> of the election process verifies the package
> prior actually installing it.

Remind me again why "the Department" is any more trustworthy when it
says it's using "free sofware" than when it says "you don't need VVAT"?


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