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Mark Dennehy Mark.Dennehy at cs.tcd.ie
Fri Mar 19 19:06:10 GMT 2004

Ref:[Aengus Lawlor, Fri, 19/03/04 @ 18:53 -0000]
> Seriously though, what could a hacker actually achieve, either by
> hacking one or more (of 6,000) balloting machines, one or more (of 40 or
> so) counting PCs?

I'm not so worried about hacking attempts if the system has a
VVAT. However, I would be rather opposed on two grounds to
the idea of our electoral system being a proprietary piece
of hardware and software:

1) It "just shouldn't be", because it's such a basic public
    service - voting now is a perfectly open and visible
    procedure (well, not *perfectly*, but as much as is
    practicable, realistically speaking); and the more objective

2) Companies go out of business. Do we have a contract that
    says that should Nedap go out of business in July that the
    designs and source code are opened to the customers so that
    the system can continue to be used for the cost of hiring
    a company to maintain the system: or do we have to spend
    another forty million euro to buy a new system?

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