[E-voting] Abstention - an accuracy issue?

Cian pooka at redbrick.dcu.ie
Fri Mar 19 22:21:50 GMT 2004

On Fri, Mar 19, 2004 at 01:38:41PM +0000, Aidan Delaney wrote:
> NEDAP/Powervote system is based on research and science, but hold the
> fundamental axiom that voting (note: not just eVoting) without a VVAT is
> untrustworthy.
Er. We don't hold that as an axiom. We hold that as something that comes
directly from two fundamental _requirements_ of voting systems: that the voter
be able to verify that their vote is recorded correctly, and that there be a
method to verify the correct operation of the system that is independent of 
the system itself.

Calling it an axiom makes it sound like it's something we "just came up with"
to suit our approach to the problem. At least to me, coming from a mathematical
background. Watch the 'ould bizarre technical language. ;o)


       "Metaphors are wondrous candles which illuminate the hidden
             connections between things." -- Jonah Goldberg

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