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David GLAUDE dglaude at gmx.net
Sat Mar 20 21:40:45 GMT 2004

Mark Dennehy wrote:

> Ref:[Shane Hogan, Sat, 20/03/04 @ 09:36 -0000]
>>I recall a mention by the Dept of an escrow contract that gives the Dept
>>access to the source code should Nedap/Powervote go out of business. I don't
>>know if they provided any real detail of the agreement, but they did
>>indicate that escrow was in place.
> Well, for somewhat obvious reasons, I'd rather see the
> contract than a single line in a press release by the
> Minister! But do you remember if the hardware designs were
> covered by the escrow contract as well?

It must also patent free or you get the hardware, the source code and no 
way to implement anything with it because Nedap has a patent on "pushing 
a button to vote."


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