[E-voting] Abstention - an accuracy issue?

Owen Connolly ojc at networkarchitects.ie
Sun Mar 21 12:18:29 GMT 2004

Fergal Daly wrote:

>Would it be possible for a seat to be won by NOTA? Would that then cause a
>rerun of the election. Rerunning the NOTA seat on it's own is no good
>because it will almost certainly go to the most popular party (which is
>almost certaibly not what the NOTA voters would have wanted) so you'd need
>to rerun the entire constituency, which leads to lots of other problems.
Actually, in a *true* democracy, it would mean that all of the 
candidates from all of the partys would have to be withdrawn and new 
candidates fielded (A firing squad for the disgraced candidates is 
optional!! ;-).  Of course this would be a problem here, because of our 
PR system.  NOTA could win *a* seat in a constituency, but not all of 
them as it  would be seen as just  one  candidate...   Unless you filled 
out  pref.s1,2,3  as  NOTA ... would that work?



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