[E-voting] NOTA

Fergal Daly fergal at esatclear.ie
Sun Mar 21 21:09:04 GMT 2004

On Sunday 21 March 2004 18:43, John Bernard Lambe wrote:
> In PR-STV, NOTA could be an option just like another candidate.
> Then if someone considered only two of the candidates to be better than
> none, he/she would give NOTA his/her thrid perference, and could fill
> in subsequent preferences in case NOTA got eliminated.
> The if NOTA was elected, a new election could be held for its seat and
> any seats not filled on the count in which NOTA was elected (if NOTA
> and another candidate were elected on the same count, the other
> candidate's election would be valid only if he/she had more votes than
> NOTA on that count).

I mentioned this already. Running a second election to decide who gets the 
seat that was NOTA is almost always going to result in the most popular party 
winning it. So voting NOTA would help the "establishment" parties, which is 
almost certainly not what the NOTA voters  wanted,

So you must either run the whole constituency again (and again and again and 
again) or you must have NOTA seats in the Dail,


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