[E-voting] Source Code

Aengus Lawlor aengusl at eircom.net
Sun Mar 21 22:19:21 GMT 2004

Éibhear <evoting at gibiris.org> wrote:
> Changing the terms of whatever licenses with less than a
> week to go before an election, breaching contract, providing
> source code six months later that, in fact, *wasn't* used in
> the election?

Now you're catching on - your ability to read software doesn't add
transparency, because you can't tell whether the software that you have
vetted was the software that was actually used. You're still stuck with
trusting someone else to implement the system.

As for them changing the license terms, let them. What are they going to
do, sue us in an Irish court for going ahead and using it under the old

Transparency in this case is an either/or deal. If VVAT makes the system
transparent, then it doesn't become "more transparent" by changing the
licensing terms or development model. If you want to pursue that issue,
fine, go ahead. Just don't present it as an issue that impacts the
"trustworthiness" of the system from an average voters point of view.
Yourself and Mark have both made it quite clear that it's not a
substitute for VVAT, but you can be sure that the Minister would be
quite happy to present it as a substitute for VVAT.

(By the way, there are literally hundreds of thousands of Irish people
who "trust" Minister Cullen when he says that the system works. If you
think that a "my friends and family can take my word for it" trust model
is good enough, then you've already conceded the issue).


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