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John Bernard Lambe icte-jlambe at johnlambe.com
Mon Mar 22 00:29:37 GMT 2004

>There is no practical limitation. We don't bother providing facilities
>for thousands of people, because thousands of people aren't going to
>show up. If thousands of people were going to show up, we could
>appropriate facilities.
Actually, each candidate can nominate a limited number of agents and my
experience is that there are usually more people interested in being
agents (at the count) than passes are available.

I think that the important thing here is that each candidate nominates
agents so even though the average voter can't watch the count, he/she
knows that the candidate(s) he/she voted for will ensure that the count
is fair (in person or through agents). So the voter need only trust the
candidate he/she votes for.

Of course, the problem with that is (if we had a NOTA option): NOTA
can't nominate agents - it would not be in the interest of any of the
agents to ensure that no NOTA votes went missing.

Fergal Daly wrote:
>Running a second election to decide who gets the seat that was NOTA is
>almost always going to result in the most popular 
>party winning it.
You're right. I forgot about that.

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