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Mon Mar 22 21:00:32 GMT 2004

Fergal Daly wrote:
>>And here is where I believe there is a problem with the argument. I *am* 
>>an average voter, who also is technically qualified -- through training 
>>and experience -- to examine the source code of an electronic voting 
> So in what sense are you are actually an average voter? If you are average 
> plus something else that the vast majority of voter don't have then you are 
> definitely not average.

I am an average voter by virtue of the fact that I vote. My brother is a 
voter with legal expertise, and my Father is a voter with security 
(military) expertise. Everyone, with their own skills and talents, are 
still average voters if they vote. If their skills or knowledge allow 
them to better analyse their environment, then others would defer to 
them when they're curious or concerned. That I have experience in the IT 
sector most certainly doesn't make me an above-average, or below-average 
voter, whatever they could be.

In fact, I would go so far as to suggest that anyone who puts them 
forward as anything other than an average voter has little respect for 
their fellow citizens.

How do you calculate average when your qualifying a voter?

> Their belief will almost certainly be false. There is noone who can really 
> understand the source code, they may understand pieces, they may even have 
> understood every piece at one time or another but there is no one who can 
> understand it well enough that anyone should take their word for it's 
> correctness.

That's an astounding assertion. What happens if some one comes along and 
proves you wrong? Would you hold that line with respect to Nedap's or 
Powervote's understanding of their own source code? Why bother getting 
the code from these companies at all?

Oh, and how do you keep separate those people who understand the various 
parts and prevent them from pooling their comprehension into a report?


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