[E-voting] announce list

David GLAUDE dglaude at gmx.net
Mon Mar 22 23:06:57 GMT 2004

Neil Walsh wrote:

>>Several people who can't handle a list as high-volume as this one have asked
Even people that can might imagin other can not and suggest one. ;-)
>>if there's an announce list that they can subscribe to. I'd like to be able to
>>say yes. So is there anyone who'd be willing to write a mail about once a week
This might not be required...
Sending press release and such might be enough.
>>to such a list; summarising the interesting stuff that's happened on and off
>>list, and listing interesting URLs?
> I'll do it!
Sure a human summary is added value.

See also Linux Kernel Traffic for the kind of incredible treatement that 
can be done on commenting mailing-list traffic:


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