[E-voting] Discrimination against non-EU voters

David GLAUDE dglaude at gmx.net
Mon Mar 22 23:15:18 GMT 2004

Ciaran Quinn wrote:

> Isn't it illegal to treat voters differently on the grounds of their
> nationality? 

Is it legal to make two simultaneous election on the same ballot?
If I was Irish and choose to vote Labour for the local election and 
Green for the European, this is my secret vote. If that information get 
reveal (and a lot of political analyst would like to know) I loose some 
of the secrecy of my vote.

By using electronic, a lot more is known about the elector (including 
time of the vote). But who will get access to that information? Will it 
be fair?

About the time of the vote, let's assume we discover that voter for 
Labour go to the election late durring the day... another party in power 
could choose to run the election a lot earlyer and close the voting 
place sooner.


Don't let computer expert control election...
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