[E-voting] NOTA

Rory McCann rory at netsoc.ucd.ie
Tue Mar 23 11:22:10 GMT 2004

On Sun, 21 Mar 2004, John Bernard Lambe wrote:

> In PR-STV, NOTA could be an option just like another candidate.
> Then if someone considered only two of the candidates to be better than
> none, he/she would give NOTA his/her thrid perference, and could fill
> in subsequent preferences in case NOTA got eliminated.
> The if NOTA was elected, a new election could be held for its seat and
> any seats not filled on the count in which NOTA was elected (if NOTA
> and another candidate were elected on the same count, the other
> candidate's election would be valid only if he/she had more votes than
> NOTA on that count).

In electons for the UCD Student's Union Sabbatical and Executive
positions (ie President, Education Officer, etc), there is a Re-Open
Nominations (RON) option. People can vote for RON, and in the counting
method, RON is treated in the same manner as an real candidate. If RON is
'elected' then the nominations are reopened and the election for that post
is rerun. This means there is always an election even if there is only one
candidate. If you don't like the candidate then you can campaign for RON,
as happened in the last election for Welfare Officer.

This seems like what you are suggesting. However it would only work for
something like electing the president or for referendums (where you could
deciede that you needed more time to deciede). I don't think it would work
in our several seater consituatity, as has been suggested.

Rory McCann

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