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Demo of Free Software Voter-Verifiable Voting
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Posted by timothy on 04-03-24 11:13
from the don't-blame-me-I-voted-for-0111001011 dept.
Lulu of the Lotus-Ea writes "The Open Voting Consortium (OVC) is holding a
demonstration of its Free Software voting system in Santa Clara, California
on April 1, 2004 (yeah, I know the date, but it's not a joke). An
announcement on the OVC homepage has further details. The Sourceforge hosted
EVM2003 project of the OVC has produced touchscreen and vision-impared
interface voting systems that produce visually inspectable (or machine-aided
audio verification) paper ballots. As well, OVC will demonstrate systems for
reconcilliation and reporting of precint results, and provide handouts and a
presentation explaining the virtues of a publicly inspectible system with a
tamper-proof paper trail."
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