[E-voting] "Secrecy" and "Accuracy"

Stan Nangle stan at voyager.ie
Thu Mar 25 11:53:37 GMT 2004

If anyone saw The Week In Politics on Sunday night you will know that the perception in 
political circles is that the Commission "are working under the reality of Electronic 
Voting for the June Elections".

The object of the Commission is to rubber stamp the Minister's decision, and to kick to 
touch anything which might conflict with that objective - so much so, its a wonder Ronan 
O'Gara wasn't appointed as a member!

They will test every point for relevance, so it it critical that the linkage is 
explicitly made to either, or both, the words secrecy and accuracy at every possible 

You cannot be too pedantic in proving the linkage, as points that do not meet the 
relevance tests - in the eye of some Civil Servant - will not make it through to the 
members of the Commission. 

The Commission will not see any point that is not explicitly relevant to the TOR!

While it is highly unlikely that the Commission will do/say anything approaching what we 
are suggesting, it is critical that we have the ammunition to win the next chapter of the 
spinning war.

That will start on May 2.

Congrats to all who have worked on submissions. I know of one person who only went to bed 
in the last two hours.

For those who still have a couple of cans of Jolt left, we could do with a Press Release 
for tomorrow.



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