[E-voting] Submission from At What Cost?

Andrew Ó Baoill andrew at funferal.org
Mon Mar 29 12:15:39 IST 2004

I made a submission on behalf of At What Cost? It's available at:

In essence we endorsed the ICTE's highlighting of the technical 
deficiencies of the proposed system, and concentrated on non-technical 
aspects such as the ability to cast a blank or otherwise spoilt ballot. 
We pointed out that the proposed system does not allow one to 
accurately express one's preference in this regard, and of course that 
secrecy is impaired. We also pointed briefly to the difference between 
secrecy and privacy, highlighting our view that while the proposed 
system will maintain secrecy it will, in reifying privacy, diminish the 
public nature of elections. We also pointed out that the current system 
does not facilitate assessments of accuracy by those wishing to make 
submissions, both because some of the system components are not open to 
public review, and because an electronic voting system, by its nature, 
is expert dominated, requiring that those who are not computer 
scientists rely on others to make assessments on their behalf.

Andrew Ó Baoill
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