[E-voting] Democracy Commission submission

Cian pooka at redbrick.dcu.ie
Mon Mar 29 20:00:33 IST 2004

Looking at the DemoCom website (http://www.democracycommission.ie/), it seems
that they've extended their date for submissions to the 7th of April. This is
good for me, as I did in fact get sick this weekend and didn't get anything
done. :o)

The answers I've received to the questionaire have been great; if you haven't
yet filled it out, and can spare a few minutes, I'd love to get a few more.

Taking David's point about attachments (my client displays text inline, didn't
even occur to me), here's another copy.


Questionaire to support the ICTE Democracy Commission submission


I think a short questionaire could be a useful way of gathering ICTE's opinions

on some of the topics mentioned in my initial notes. While we've battled out

questions regarding the reliability of the e-voting system again and again,

we've never really had a conversation about "what we've been doing here", what

has worked and what has not, or what part technology can play in democracy.

I don't mean to kick off a massive debate (if we have an interest in pursuing

this, it might be nice to make a separate list to discuss e-participation).

Rather, what I'm looking for is a quick overview of how people see our

campaign. I'd be especially interested to hear responses from 'lurkers'.

If you have some time, please fill this out and return it by private email.

I'll hold everything received confidential, though I may quote anonymously

from answers; let me know if you want to be anonymous or referenced directly.

Basically, rather than kicking off debating over points on-list, I'd just like

to post an amalgamation of opinions received by Saturday. We have very little

time, so I'll keep this short & sweet.

The questions are pretty general. I'm no expert. Feel free to add extra

commentary stirred up by these questions. :o)



Q 1. What do you work at/study? How old are you?

Q 2. Have you previously been involved in politics in any way? If so, how? If

     not, why not?

Q 3. How long have you been using computers/the Internet? Have you previously

     used technology to participate in groups like this one? Do you consider

     yourself a 'member' of ICTE, or an interested observer?

Technology and Democracy


Q 4. Where do you see the role of technology in democracy? How do you see it

     helping or hindering democratic participation?

Q 5. Can technology strengthen inclusion and equality in democracy? How?

     How could it fail?

e-voting at lists.stdlib.net


Q 6. Do you think this list has 'worked' as a way of organising a geographically

     distributed group? What are its strong points? What are its weak points?

Q 7. What tools do you think have worked well here? What further tools and

     processes would be useful to us or a similar group?

Q 8. Does the government have a role to play in facilitating groups like this

     one? Could this model be used in government organisations?

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             connections between things." -- Jonah Goldberg

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