[E-voting] Commission on Electronic Voting receives over 150 public submissions

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Wed Mar 31 12:54:11 IST 2004

>Submissions will not be published electronically though,
>so I might just request them all - and scan labouriously.

I am amazed that they are available for public scrutiny but they will not 
be published electronically.  They are really trying to obstruct public 
access to this information.  It makes me wonder what they have to hide. 
Could we publish the submissions on the ICTE website?

Also, maybe this could be a short, sweet press release.  (E.g., # of 
submissions, open to public scrutiny, but info will not be published on the 
CEV website.  Surprising for a government that wants to use e-technology 
appropriately.  ICTE intends to publish all the submissions on its website 
so that public & journalists across the country can have easy access.  This 
is a democratic use of e-technology.)

Then, once our valiant team has scanned the submissions, have another press 
release synopsizing # of documents in favour, # opposed, and some comments 
about the issues for desiring or opposing.


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