[E-voting] Commission on Electronic Voting receives over 150 public submissions

Adrian Colley aecolley at spamcop.net
Wed Mar 31 15:01:23 IST 2004

On Wed, Mar 31, 2004 at 12:32:22PM +0100, Colm MacCarthaigh wrote:
> I got in contact with the commission, first off they've moved and are
> now in  Setanta Centre, Nassau Street  (entrance at side of the Kilkenny
> Shop). I've arranged a time for 2pm on Friday, Adrian/Neil is that o.k.
> with you ? I can take off the afternoon anyway :)

Fine with me.  I should be able to help with the physical labour side of
scanning, but I don't have a scanner of my own.

> It will be possible to obtain copies of submissions, and an index will
> be available. Submissions will not be published electronically though,
> so I might just request them all - and scan labouriously.

Wow, I was just going to skim each one and code by general thrust and
position w.r.t. VVAT and a couple of other issues.  Do I understand
correctly that they will actually provide us with copies of the
submissions, so that we won't have to copy them ourselves?

In the case of submissions made electronically, are they willing to give
us copies of the bits or will we have to lug the paper?


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