[E-voting] Dick Roche on the Week in Politics

Stan Nangle stan at voyager.ie
Tue Nov 2 15:10:44 GMT 2004

> There is a heavy anti-VVAT bias within the Department. There are
> logistical and operational challenges presented by a VVAT, the trail has
> to be managed, accounted for, and counted at some point.  I think it's
> hard for some to see past this, especially when a prospect of quick,
> indisputable, no-recount elections seemed achievable.

I'd be very surprised if this coming week's cluster-wotsit doesn't nail that "aspiration" 
to the floor.

> The fundamental problem here is that the Dept staff just arnt qualified
> for this job. To describe their actions thus far as incompentent, is
> unfortunately, a gross understatement. There is a lack of vision and
> realisation that the problems in electronic voting really are as
> fundamental as simply requiring a VVAT.

They are firm believers in Ye Olde "But computers don't make mistakes" Myth.

> It's a very tricky issue, and I'm beginning to believe that the next
> big political move might be to see if all of this can be given to
> an Electoral Commission, something we clearly need.

What might be more productive in the short term would be to get one of our journalist 
friends to start chasing the CEV to find out whatever happened to the report they were 
witholding because of legal problems - problems that were resolved 5 months ago.

I've tried to raise Dail questions on this but they were ruled out of order "as it is a 
matter for the CEV".


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