[E-voting] Optical Ballot Scanner Fails in Florida

bobb bobb at redbrick.dcu.ie
Tue Nov 2 18:19:54 GMT 2004

Justin Mason hath declared on Tuesday the 02 day of November 2004  :-:
> Keith Martin writes:
> > from http://www.local6.com/news/3879408/detail.html.  At least they can
> > still re-check the ballots with this system!

> I wonder if the memory card is similar to what would have been used
> in a DRE machine?  It may actually be a good example of what can go
> wrong...

Ahh but the nedap machines have a backup module, so thats not a problem !!


Actually, I don't recall hearing what happens when the two modules
have the same number of votes, but contain different data.

- bobb

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