[E-voting] rethinking how to reference the US experience

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Thu Apr 14 21:59:16 GMT 2005

I think it's a mistake not to mention the US experience at all.  I think 
this policy should be revised as a matter of urgency.

Yes, the electoral systems are very different and each State has a 
different situation.  And yes the technology differs in some ways from 
the proposed Irish system.  All these things can be stated.  But there 
are many areas of similar vulnerability, and I think it is wrong not to 
mention them, particularly when one can point to the USA as an example 
of some of the aftermath of poorly-designed, poorly-tested, unauditable 
electronic machines.  It would be good if we can point to problems that 
have occurred in other countries, as well.  (E.g., the hardware problems 
in Belgium that caused 4096 extra votes.)  Not to mention the problems 
in the Irish pilots: undervotes, overvotes and machine malfunctions.  
There is no reason *not* to mention that similar problems in the USA are 
causing a growing number of States to write legislation requiring an 
auditable paper ballot (now up to 22 States), as the result of voter 

Surely this should be mentioned--it is a significant new development in 
the e-voting story and is directly related to Ireland.

I don't think other election reform issues should be mentioned, only the 
ones where we face the same issues.


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