[E-voting] rethinking how to reference the US experience

Nick Hilliard nick at netability.ie
Fri Apr 15 19:32:30 GMT 2005

> This is nonsense.
> I read the NY Times, and it has frequent references to problems with e-voting,
> with at least one major article on this topic each week.
> Anyone with the slightest interest in American politics
> must be aware of queries raised about e-voting.


it sounds like you're pretty out of touch with the state of both the US
media and US politics.  In general, the former consists of large
corporations pumping out of all sorts of politically biassed and factually
questionable nonsense, and where news item importance is taken out of the
hands of journalists and into the hands of rating hacks.  Let's face it,
e-voting is much more important to the US than the trial of Michael Jackson,
but which gets more air time?

The latter (at least in public - Capitol Hill runs on its own set of rules)
is so bedevilled by bi-partisanship that it is virtually impossible for
people to conduct any meaningful discussion about any aspect of politics
without each side spouting out their own dogma and accusing the other side
of doing exactly the same.  Pigeon-holing is the name of the game, and if
you're not one one side, you're on the other.

So, problems with e-voting are no more than a democrat conspiracy made up by
leftie, latte-sipping pinkos.  Definitely not newsworthy stuff.

There are, of course, many media channels (such as the NYT) which are of
exceptional quality, and which actually give a toss about issues such as
this, just as there are a great many people who can see beyond party
politics and who realise that the US has very serious voting fraud problems. 
Unfortunately, they are both vastly outnumbered.

Which is more popular in the UK?  The Times or the Sun?  And which is a more
credible organ?

> This is just silly.
> Most of the articles I have seen on this list on this topic
> (mainly posted by Catherine, I think) have been copied from American papers,

The US is a very big place.  You can have lots of newspapers making lots of
sensible comments about e-voting, but that doesn't mean that this is what
the vast bulk of US residents are reading.


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