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Craig Burton caburt at alphalink.com.au
Mon Aug 1 02:49:44 IST 2005

I would have thought any important election would require a winning 
margin of error of, say, 1%.  If the tally falls within this, its a 
draw.  Do some more politicing and run it again. 
It's a procedural issue, right?

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On 7/31/05, Timothy Murphy <tim at birdsnest.maths.tcd.ie> wrote:
> On Sun 31 Jul 2005 17:13, Catherine Ansbro wrote:
> > A major US int'l trade agreement just passed by 1 vote (CAFTA).  And
> > guess what.  One guy claims his vote was not recorded correctly.  Even
> > though he objected at the time, the law has still passed.
> I realise this is not a very popular view on this list,
> but if an issue is that closely balanced,
> I don't think it matters too much if it goes the wrong way.

215 vs 217

Kerry vs Bush was 50.7 vs 48.2. another closely balanced issue that
didn't much matter?


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