[E-voting] "Black box" irregularities in the House of Reps

Keith Martin keith at keith.gs
Mon Aug 1 12:08:23 IST 2005

Politicians are so tightly whipped here that the whips (who are also almost
always the tellers) probably wouldn't sign off on the vote if one of their
charges voted the wrong way...

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For those who think it's ok to have our own representatives make laws  
using electronic voting, and that accidents would never happen--

A major US int'l trade agreement just passed by 1 vote (CAFTA).  And 
guess what.  One guy claims his vote was not recorded correctly.  Even 
though he objected at the time, the law has still passed.

Are we so sure nothing like this could ever happen here?  And some here 
would even consider internet e-voting by our representatives?  Perhaps 
this deserves a serious re-think.


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