[E-voting] So much for firewalls,etc.

Nick Hilliard nick at netability.ie
Tue Aug 2 10:28:52 IST 2005

> Not the greater good of humanity, the greater good of Cisco Systems
> Inc. If they differ, that's when we must be on our guard.

Cisco IOS operates on possibly 70% of the internet core infrastructure
and therefore any vulnerability which is susceptible to remote attack is
very serious indeed.  Imagine if you thought you were logging into your
bank when in fact you were passing on your logon details to a black-hat,
just because they had mounted a sophisticated routing-based compromise
based on router ownership?

There are very sound technical arguments to say that full disclosure is
a bad idea for consumers, just as there are others to say that it's a
good idea.  No-one pretends that this is a black and white issue,
because it isn't.


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