[E-voting] An Irish EFF Revivial

Colm MacCarthaigh colm at stdlib.net
Sat Aug 6 17:15:26 IST 2005

If you're a reader of many Irish blogs, you probably won't be suprised
to find out that there is a initiative currently ongoing to revive an
Irish version of the EFF (http://www.eff.org/). 


The EFF, is the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and is dedicated to
defending digital rights, like personal privacy. In Europe, there are
several EFF affiliates in other countries, and alsl EDRI;


The European Digital Right's organisation. Anyway, I've been asked to
gauge interest in such an organisation here, from two perspectives;

  1. Would people to interested in such an organisation personally?
     The aims would be to try and influence policy on matters like
     national ID cards, defending free speech rights on the internet,
     protecting internet users from privacy invasion and generaly
     getting involved with such matters, which many feel are a problem
     in Ireland. The organisation would also serve as an umbrella
     for all electronc Civil Liberties issues related in Ireland,
     including Electronic Voting. At the very least, it could serve
     as a useful point of contact for the media, and they could
     direct questions on particular topics to the relevant groups
     (such as ICTE).

  2. Would people be interested in ICTE affiliating with such
     an organisation if it did exist?

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