[E-voting] Cost of running the system

Shane Hogan shane at askaboutmoney.com
Sat Aug 13 09:31:51 IST 2005

>Hi all,
>Can anyone point me to the/a section of the archives where we discussed the
comparative cost of running the electronic >and the old systems?

The key point for me in the cost discussions was recognising the ADDITIONAL
manpower that is required for the electronic system. Each voting machine
requires a dedicated 'control operator' who sits at the machine all day,
receives the ticket/token that the voter receives on registration, and
enables the machine for each voter. If by chance the voter doesn't hit 'cast
vote', the control operator has to reset the machine for the next voter.

So 7,000 machines = 7,000 additional man-days, which IMHO must outweigh any
savings to be made in manpower during the count. When the secretary of the
Dept was before the Dail committee, he stated that there were no additional
manpower costs (or something along those lines), but I can't see how this is


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