[E-voting] Cost of running the system

David GLAUDE dglaude at poureva.be
Sat Aug 13 22:40:20 IST 2005

On a similar topic for Belgium, voting location that use eVoting require
one extra poll worker that has computer knowledge.

The reason is that on some occasion, the 6 to 8 citizen present were
totally unable to do "basic things" such as connecting the power plug
into the computer and into the screen. Inserting and removing floppy
disk might be another one... and encoding the very secret password (hold
by the president together with the floppy a few days before the vote)
that enable the whole system and is linked to the specific set of floppy
require the knowledge on how to type on a keyboad... maybe it should be
left to a citizen with computer knowledge.

Also the eVoting poll place have additionnal opening hours and the
citizen present get more money for the job.


Colm MacCarthaigh wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 13, 2005 at 09:31:51AM +0100, Shane Hogan wrote:
>>The key point for me in the cost discussions was recognising the ADDITIONAL
>>manpower that is required for the electronic system. Each voting machine
>>requires a dedicated 'control operator' who sits at the machine all day,
>>receives the ticket/token that the voter receives on registration, and
>>enables the machine for each voter. If by chance the voter doesn't hit 'cast
>>vote', the control operator has to reset the machine for the next voter.
> Also the commission highlighted that for very basic security reasons,
> there should be two people in this position, to ensure oversight. So
> double that cost.

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