[E-voting] Online Think Tank re: election reform

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Sun Aug 28 22:12:22 IST 2005

The BBV Online Think Tank re: election reform is underway for a week (27 
August - 5 September). 

There are a range of special guests, and also many topics that may be of 
interest and relevance to ICTE members.  (E.g., this includes a wide 
range of topics having to do with challenges around handling paper 
ballots--someone posted details of Italy's approach, from which we could 
perhaps learn a thing or two; discussions of open source possibilities 
and what this would/wouldn't solve; discussions of different kinds of 
voting such as IRV, PR, Condorcet; discussion of tactics employed to 
impede election reform--we've certainly seen lots of that here--and much 
more).   Some election officials will also be participating (as guests, 
and as regular posters).

Later tonight programmer Jeremiah Akin will be one of the special 
guests.  Other computing specialists will also be among the guests.

On another subject, about a month ago BBV posted an extensive range 
documenting the disappointments experienced from many members of the 
computing community.  This was a follow-up from allegations which did 
not include these specific details.  The recent posts included names and 
specifics regarding who had access to what information over what period 
of time, yet who said nothing about the flaws.  (And the blatant-ness of 
the flaws, which were picked up by others within 24 hours of the code 
being openly available on the Internet, and which no one has since 
disputed.)  I didn't bother posting about this at the time, but I 
mention it since once ICTE member had contacted me privately questioning 
whether it was appropriate for me to repeat information that could not 
be substantiated.  Now it has been substantiated, and as usual, the full 
picture was far worse than anything I'd imagined.  And as usual, BBV has 
been a source of reliable and in-depth information.

Any news on the awarding of the contract to the experts who will be 
examining the NEDAP code for the CEV?  Wasn't this supposed to take 
place in July?


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