[E-voting] Digital voting fears are grounded in facts

Marian Beddill beddill at nas.com
Sun Dec 4 16:50:38 GMT 2005

Another very relevant Editorial in the same journal is at:
http://www.roanoke.com/editorials/wb/42770 , because the race for State 
Attorney General has a lead of 323 out of nearly 2 million votes cast.

This appears to have been a Guest Editorial in "The Roanoke Times", (the 
"New River Forum") :
in response to the Staff Editorial of Sunday, November 27, 2005 "Voters 
need not fear the digital age", by Dave Price.

The staff of Editors is listed at:
http://www.roanoke.com/editorials/wb/xp-index  ; with
Tommy Denton  tommy.denton at roanoke.com
Roanoke Times Editorial Page Editor

Marian Beddill

At 12/4/2005  07:28 AM, you wrote:

>(from BBV admin: I cannot find the author's name in this beautifully 
>written article. This piece contains many new analogies and sound bytes. 
>Consider borrowing a few jewels from it if you will be speaking in public 
>about these machines. I would like to get the name of the author, however, 
>so he/she can be credited for this excellent work. Anyone know? By the 
>way, the WINvote machines are made by Advanced Voting Solutions)
>New River Forum - Sunday, December 04, 2005
>Digital voting fears are grounded in facts
>I wanted to comment on two articles I have seen on your Web site, both 
>concerning the WINVote machines specifically and paperless electronic 
>voting in general.
>The first, "Voter paper trail might be a blind alley," contains a 
>relatively standard defense of paperless machines from Registrar Randall 
>Wertz, based on security steps the state and localities take against 

>Unless he didn't do all of those things, in which case this final 
>statement is meaningless bluster, akin to kicking a car's tire and -- 
>assuming it fails to explode -- declaring it a well-engineered piece of 

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