[E-voting] Summary of Electronic Voting System Analysis

Ciaran Quinn election at polarbears.com
Mon Dec 5 23:56:10 GMT 2005

Catherine Ansbro wrote:

> Another outstanding paper by Justin Moore:
> http://www.vavv.org/Justin_Moore_VA_Statement.pdf
> *Summary of Electronic Voting System Analysis
> *Justin Moore
> November 21, 2005
> It has interesting tables and graphs, and more about testing and 
> quality control.
> It would be interesting to produce similar tables (e.g. for undervote 
> and undervote) to compare our pilot e-voting tests to other polling 
> places that didn't use e-voting.

It would be interesting to see the no. of machine deactivations at each 
polling station but I don't think that information is available.

Undervote/overvote are more difficult to ascertain here because we have 
different classes of voters - ie. in 2004 Irish people could vote in the 
Referendum, EU citizens in the Euro-election and everyone could vote in 
the local elections. As far as I know, there is only a single class of 
voter in the US. There were reports at the time of people voting only in 
the referendum and not bothering about the elections.


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